Major Sandringhaml photo
Name Major John Sandringham
Born England
Raised England
Height 6' 2"
Build Muscular
Eyes Brown
Hair Short black
Residence England
Marital Status Single
Automobile McLaren MP4-12C
Watch Radiomir 8 Days Ceramica - 45mm
Work Style Valet uniform
Casual Style Kilgour Savile Row trousers, Sunspel Riviera polo shirt, Oliver Sweeney loafers
Weapons Smith & Wesson .357 Automatic
Special Skills Hand-to-hand combat; disguises
Abilities Highly disciplined, resourceful, ex-special forces; expert on fine dining and fine wines
Languages English, German, Mandarin Chinese
Employer Hudson Corporation (current), Special Boat Service (retired)
Occupation Bodyguard to Lord Hudson and RJ Hudson
Interests Golf, heavy drinking and womanising
First Appearance Appointment with the Samurai
Current Mission Murder in Java
Next Mission The Insider Project
Creator Richard McDowall


John Sandringham was born and raised in England, to a middle class naval family. He had followed in his Father's footsteps and joined the Royal Navy, in particular the amphibious commandos of the Royal Marines. After completing his initial training in Devon and serving in two military campaigns, he was recruited in the special forces of the Royal Navy - the Special Boat Service. Where he eventually reached the rank of Major. After the death of his parents, he retired from the navy while in his early forties and took up the bodyguard position to the Hudson family, one that had been vacated by Major Sandringham's late father. Major John Sandringham stands 6' 2" tall. He is smartly presented, well-mannered and dashingly handsome. These attributes, along with more than a sprinkling of charm, make him a ladies man. Something that has gotten him into trouble on more than a few occasions.


Sandringham's father was bodyguard to the Hudson family. He was killed when the private jet carrying RJ's parents, Jack and Mary Hudson, crash landed in South America. The death of Sandringham's father hit his mother hard and she committed suicide shortly after. A dark time followed for their son and he was eventually forced to take early retirement from the special forces, having struck an officer whilst in a drunken stuper. He was subsequently taken into the employment and care of Jack Hudson's brother - Lord Buce Hudson, as bodyguard.


Major John Sandringham works as bodyguard and occasional chauffeur to Lord Bruce Hudson, for the Hudson Corporation. Sandringham spent most of the first fifteen years of his employment working on finding the missing heir to the Hudson fortune - RJ Hudson. He was well equipped for this task, having acquired many intelligence skills from his time in the special forces. Nowadays his time is spent between guarding Lord Hudson and Master RJ Hudson, while working on missions for Lord Hudson's secret organisation.