RJ Hudson photo
Name Master RJ Hudson
Born England
Raised Japan
Height 6'
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Shoulder length blonde
Residence England
Marital Status Single
Automobile Jaguar F-Type
Watch Tag Heuer Grand Carrera
Style Hugo Boss Black Collection
Weapons Japanese Hiro hunting knife and Ninja Stars
Special Skills Aikido, computer hacking; does not use disguises
Abilities Highly intelligent, athletic, runs at high speed, excellent climbing ability
Languages English, Japanese
Employer Hudson Corporation
Occupation Software developer, entrepeneur, secret agent
Interests Street car racing, golf
First Appearance Appointment with the Samurai
Current Mission Murder in Java
Next Mission Tembo
Creator Richard McDowall


Having been born into English aristocracy, at four years old RJ Hudson was orphaned when the plane carrying himself and his parents crashed. He was academically gifted and from an early age had shown great aptitude for technology and particularly, science and software. His skills as a software developer were nothing short of genius. After the plane crash the young boy was captured by South American slavers and put to work in the copper mines. By the time RJ had reached his teens he had attained the physique of that of an athlete. The incredible agility, speed and strength gained while working in the mines enabled him to one day seize the opportunity for escape into darkness of the South American jungle. After navigating his way to a port he was bound for Japan. Here he would train as a Samurai and perfect fighting and weapons skills that would later become invaluable. His story is documented in Appointment With The Samurai.


RJ is the only son of Jack and Mary Hudson. He is now in the guardianship of Jack Hudson's brother - Lord Bruce Hudson, and his wife, Lady Patricia. They and RJ Hudson reside at Lord Hudson's country estate in England. Lord Hudson has assigned his bodyguard - Major John Sandringham, to the protection of the young heir.


RJ works for his uncle - Lord Budson, at the Hudson Corporation. Here he undertakes a very general, part-time administration role in the finance department, while he is studying for his financial qualifications. Reluctantly, Lord Hudson has agreed to his nephew accompanying Major Sandringham on some of the 'lighter' missions.


Little did he know but from the very day he was born, RJ Huson had enemies - enemies of the most maniacal of tendencies. Forcing the direction of the young boys' life into poverty and desparation, the fight with his enemies would continue for the rest of his life. Most of these battles would come in one form of evil or another from the global criminal organisation - DESCET (Death Section for Corruption, Extortion and Terrorism). The first of RJ & Sandringham's adverseries appeared in Appointment With The Samurai with Mr A, and continues throughout the series as RJ searches for the people responsible for the death of his parents.