Lord Hudson photo
Name Lord Bruce Hudson
Born England
Raised England
Height 6' 1"
Build Slim
Eyes Grey
Hair Short grey
Residence England
Marital Status Married to Lady Mary Hudson
Automobile Bentley Mulsanne
Watch Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore
Style Pal Zileri
Weapons Walther PPK
Special Skills Highly intelligent and resourceful
Abilities Excellent entreupeneurial and business brain, great leader and strategist
Languages English, French
Employer Hudson Corporation; secret crime-fighting organisation
Occupation CEO
Interests Golf
First Appearance Appointment with the Samurai
Current Mission Murder in Java
Next Mission The Insider Project
Creator Richard McDowall


The Hudson Corporation is a one hundred year old multi-billion dollar corporation, covering the globe. Wholly owned by RJ's father, Jack Hudson, he was helped in the day-to-day running of the company by his uncle - Lord Bruce Hudson. The company's initial fortune had been made by Jack Hudson's great grandfather over one hundred years earlier, mainly in mining. Jack had now expanded the operations even further, having successfully introduced new enterprises like oil and gas, solar energy, manufacturing, electronics and space exploration. On the tragic death of RJ's parents, Lord Bruce Hudson became the custodian of the Hudson Corporation until RJ reached the age of 21, when he would inherit the company, along with the vast estate left by his parents.


RJ is the only son of Jack and Mary Hudson. He is now in the guardianship of Jack Hudson's brother - Lord Bruce Hudson, and his wife, Lady Patricia. They and RJ Hudson reside at Lord Hudson's country estate in England. Lord Hudson has assigned his bodyguard - Major John Sandringham, to the protection of the young heir.


Having already made his fortune, just after the second world war Lord Hudson's uncle - set up a secret organisation which would help fight criminal and terrorist activities across the world. Set in a secret location in England, is based the headquarters of this operation. Lord Hudson heads up this operation. His special agents, of which Sandringham is one, are sent on secret missions to foyl anything the smuggling of drugs to rogue nations attempting to acquire nuclear weapons. A more regular adversary is the prevention of the activities of the criminal organisation - DESCET (Death Section for Corruption, Extortion and Terrorism), all of which are documented throughout the early RJ & Sandringham thrillers.


For fifteen years, Lord Hudson employed his vast array of resources to search the globe for his lost great nephew - RJ Hudson. While also attempting to avenge the death of his nephew, RJ's father - Jack Hudson and his wife Mary. Progress was made when Sanringham was sent to Japan, where the young RJ had been sighted. The mission documented in the first of the RJ & Sandringham thrillers - Appointment with the Samurai.